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Meet Axel, new French intern!

Meet Axel RODE who joined us as our new French intern. Axel is a student of the University of Brest, France, where he is in his third year of a double degree in law and foreign languages. During his studies, Axel focuses on European and international law as well as international relations. With the objective to discover law on a practical level, Axel has joined our team for a 6 months internship. Axel speaks French, English, German and would like to start learning Czech during his stay in Prague. To learn more about Axel, click on the link below!

Happy New Year!

As the end of the year approaches, KOUBÍKOVÁ LEGAL team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2024. May you end this year successfully and enter the new year with enthusiasm. We wish you an abundance of health, boundless happiness and success in your professional and personal life. We appreciate the trust and cooperation of all our clients and partners. We look forward to continuing our successful cooperation in the years to come.

Cyrus Ross Meeting in Budapest

On 27 October, the fall meeting of the Cyrus Ross EEIG took place in Budapest. At the formal meeting, we enjoyed engaging discussions, a lecture on GDPR, walks among the city's beautiful historical sights, and last but not least, excellent company, food and drink. Our sincere thanks to RVD Partners for their hospitality. We look forward to seeing our friends again in Vienna next spring! For more information about the Cyrus Ross Group, please click on the link below.


New team member!

Nina GALLEGO from France has joined our team as an intern. Nina is currently in her second year of her master’s degree in international business law at the University of Montpellier, where she focuses mainly on international business, corporate law and international litigation. Nina was born and raised in France in a family of a Czech mother, which is why her links to the Czech Republic are very strong. She is very interested in the relations between France and the Czech Republic and after her studies she would like to help entrepreneurs and companies to do business abroad. Nina speaks French, English and Italian and she also has a basic knowledge of Czech. For more information about Nina click on the link below:

30 years of the Foundation Naše Dítě

The Foundation Naše dítě, with whom our office collaborates, is celebrating 30 years of existence in helping disabled and underprivileged children. Our colleague Martina was honored to attend the Gala meeting with distinguished patrons and friends of the foundation to celebrate the anniversary. Happy anniversary, Naše dítě! We wish you many more successful decades to come! To find out more about the Foundation, click on the link below.

Meet Zoe: Our Newest Team Member with a Global Touch!

We're excited to introduce Zoe, our latest team addition, who resides between Chicago and Barcelona. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Laws degree at the Anglo-American University in Prague, Zoe brings a unique global perspective to our team. Zoe's linguistic skills enhance our team's versatility. Her passion for family law and experience in supporting vulnerable individuals and disadvantaged children make her a valuable asset. Find out more about Zoe by clicking on the link below!


KL at the Jobspin Job and Relocation Fair on April 22!

It was an amazing opportunity to meet so many talented and interesting people looking for new career opportunities in Prague. Our legal team connected with attendees from various corners of the world, each with their unique backgrounds and experiences. In fact, more than 20% of the visitors came all the way from abroad, while the remaining 80% were expats living in the Czech Republic. The fair showcased a diverse range of industries, with the top represented sectors being administration, customer service, sales (37%), IT (30%), management (29%), and marketing and communication (25%). It's clear that the fair had a high attendance rate as we ran out of business cards several times!

Cyrus Ross conference in Helsinki

Our team had the pleasure of attending the Cyrus Ross spring meeting in Helsinki, which was held on 12 and 13 April, 2023, reconnecting with our colleagues from across Europe. Our partnership with European law firms within the Cyrus Ross network enables us to provide assistance in cross-border cases where collaboration with lawyers from foreign jurisdictions is necessary. We eagerly await the upcoming Cyrus Ross Budapest meeting, which will be held in October.

Silvie on Ashley Hola's podcast Dear Ladies

In April Silvie was a guest on Ashley Hola's podcast Dear Ladies. Dear Ladies is a podcast that seeks to inspire women, especially expat women and further help them navigate the everyday challenges faced when living in a foreign country. In her episode Silvie raised awareness of the complexities surrounding expat divorce and child custody. She provided insights into various aspects of expat divorce such as filing for divorce, child custody issues, child support or moving a child abroad. As awareness of these issues is vital in today's globalised world, where multicultural marriages and expatriation are increasingly common, you can find the podcast on Youtube, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


Silvie intervened as a speaker at an international conference in Barcelona

On 27 January, 2023 Silvie intervened as a speaker at the CiviLAW seminar Training of Lawyers on EU instruments in Barcelona. Silvie represented the Czech Bar Association and her presentation was dedicated to the EU Regulation no. 2019/1111, namely to the recognition, enforcement, and enforceability of decisions. One of the objectives of the so-called Brussels II ter Regulation is to enable easier and less formal circulation of decisions within EU member states. The conference was organized by the European Lawyers Foundation and the participants were lawyers from all over Europe.

Meet Aziliz, our new intern!

Aziliz is a student in the final year of a double degree program in Law and Applied Foreign Languages (LEA) at the Université de Bretagne Occidentale in Brest. She joined KOUBIKOVA LEGAL in order to discover the world of legal practice and to perfect her approach to foreign languages. During her internship, Aziliz performs administrative tasks, translation and proofreading of legal documents as well as assignments related to business development.

Collaboration with the City of Prague

We have launched a cooperation with the Expat Centre operating under the City of Prague. A series of legal seminars and workshops led by our experts shall provide those who have settled in this country to work or carry out business activities with an insight into the Czech legal system. Each presentation accommodates to the needs and difficulties a foreigner may encounter, such as topics related to visas and residence permits, unlawful termination of an employment relationship, or steps to take when establishing a commercial company. We are proud to be part of this great initiative!


New attorney in our team

Andrea KOLESÁROVÁ has joined our team as an attorney. Thanks to her studies and professional experience in France, she is well acquainted with the functioning of French contract law. Her previous employment in an investment company managing qualified investor funds also provided her with insights into corporate law and capital market law. At KOUBÍKOVÁ LEGAL, Andrea focuses on general practice with an international element and real estate law. You can learn more about Andrea in the Our Team section.

Happy New Year!

The KOUBÍKOVÁ LEGAL team wishes you a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the new year. May you end this year successfully and step into the new one light-heartedly. We believe, the new year is going to bring you health, happiness and both professional and personal success. Also, we thank all our clients for their trust and collaboration. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Cyrus Ross conference in Prague

We were honored to host the Cyrus Ross autumn meeting in Prague and meet more than 30 colleagues from different countries! Given that we specialize in cross-border cases, we often need to collaborate with colleagues in foreign jurisdictions. Thanks to Cyrus Ross, we have colleagues in most European countries and therefore we are able to ensure a quick collaboration abroad when our clients need it. It was very enriching to share the knowledge and to meet in person. Find out more about Cyrus Ross in the link below.


New addition to the team

Team KOUBÍKOVÁ LEGAL is expanding! Lucie ŠVECOVÁ joined as an Office Manager. She is responsible for smooth running of the office, she secures administrative support to the team, and she ensures office management. Lucie has a lot of experience both with working in an office and communication with clients. Before she joined to KOUBÍKOVÁ LEGAL, she worked at a hotel reception. She graduated from Grammar school in Kolín, she is interested in human rights, politics, and history. Lucie speaks Czech, English and she is learning German. You can find more information about Lucie by clicking on the link below.

Our effort is tangible!

The outcome of a lawyer’s work is rarely tangible. We are therefore grateful that Silvie had the opportunity to see a very tangible outcome of her work during the inauguration of the newly built bus terminal in Chlumec nad Cidlinou. Silvie had represented the city in a complex cross-border property dispute concerning plots of land where the terminal now stands. Without her intervention, the project would not have been possible. The picture shows Silvie together with the mayor, Mr. Miroslav UCHYTIL, during the inauguration of the terminal. You can read the mayor's review by clicking the link below.

Services for expats: Identity Verification & Certification of Documents

Do you need to certify your identification document or to verify your identity for the use outside of the Czech Republic? Whether it is for the purposes of the HM Land Registry, for a foreign bank, for another institution, for the purpose of entering into marriage or for other reasons, we can assist you. We provide the services of Identity Verification and Certification of Documents.


We are organizing the Cyrus Ross Meeting 2022 !

KOUBÍKOVÁ LEGAL is a proud member of the European group of law firms Cyrus Ross. Through this network, we can provide clients with legal counselling even in foreign jurisdictions. This year we are hosting the traditional meeting where we will welcome our colleagues from all over Europe to our beautiful Prague. Sharing experiences with attorneys from other countries is always very inspiring and enriching. We have a busy schedule, and preparations are in full swing.

New intern joining our team

Clara MARTIN joined our team as an intern for two months. As part of her master’s degree in human rights and international justice at Panthéon-Assas University in Paris, Clara decided to do an internship with us. After several associative experiences, she now desires to discover the professional aspect of a law firm.

Silvie was a guest of PRAVNICKY podcast

Silvie was a guest of PRAVNICKY (Women Lawyers) podcast to talk about the challenges of managing a law firm, the current situation and trends in the legal profession and other topics. If you want to know what legacy would Silvie like to leave behind her career or whether or not she’s a feminist, you can listen to the podcast, available on the link below, as well as on Spotify, Google Play or Apple podcasts (Czech only).


Practical information for citizens of Ukraine entering the Czech Republic

We have prepared a summary of basic information for Ukrainians entering the Czech Republic. Currently many people do not know how to proceed and they choose ways that are unnecessarily complicated and which overwhelm an already overloaded system. It is important to point out that many people do not have to deal with the situation immediately, they can first benefit from the 90-day visa-free period after entering the Czech Republic. Click on the link below to see the summary of practical information.

We have joined in the project ADVOCACY TO HELP UKRAINE

We have joined in the project of the Czech Bar Association ADVOCACY TO HELP UKRAINE. We provide free legal assistance to citizens of Ukraine regarding their arrival and stay in the Czech Republic and other issues with which we can help. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you! Contacts for attorneys who offer PRO BONO counseling can be found at this link:

New member joining our team

Livia OLTEANU joined our team as an intern. Livia comes from France where she is studying Law and Applied Foreign Languages. During her internship she focuses mainly on administrative tasks, translation of documents, business development related tasks and legal research. Check the section Our team to read her full profile.


Happy new year!

The KOUBÍKOVÁ LEGAL team wishes you all the best for the new year! We believe that the year 2021 brought not only challenges you managed to deal with, but also a lot of beautiful moments. We hope that the coming year will be full of hope, joy, professional success and positive growth in all other areas of life, and that you will succeed in everything you set your mind to. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

New attorney in our team

Martina WOŠOVÁ has joined our team as an attorney. Martina is not a newcomer, she has been cooperating with KOUBIKOVA LEGAL since 2019. We are happy that since September 2021 Martina has started her permanent cooperation with our firm. Martina has extensive experience in providing complex legal services to companies with Czech and foreign participation. She further specializes in civil law, real estate law and family law matters. Check the section Our team to read her full profile.

Our team has grown again!

Through May and June, we welcomed three new members: lawyers Vít KEKULA and Ondřej VYBÍHAL and intern Chloé BELIN. Both Vít and Ondřej work on international cases and provide legal services in Czech, English and French. Chloé is currently in her second year of master’s studies in Business law and intellectual property at University of Lille. Check the section Our team to read more about each one of them.