We provide a wide range of legal services in Czech, English, French and Spanish. We are among a few law firms on the market which can also offer experience with jurisdictions abroad.



New member of our team

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with our Of Counsel, Mr. Eric Witt Esq. Eric is a bi-cultural Attorney at Law, registered within the Paris Bar as well as the Connecticut Bar. He is also a Registered European Attorney within the Czech Bar Association. Eric provides legal services to businesses and individuals regarding both French and American legal matters, which makes him a valuable member of our team. Eric is also a law school professor at the Anglo-American University in Prague. Eric speaks English, French and Portuguese.

Silvie’s speech on the international child abduction

On 13 February 2020 Silvie was one of the speakers at the conference on Legal Aspects of Marriage, an event organized by the Czech Bar Association. Silvie spoke about the international child abduction and her experience arising from dealing with cross-border abduction cases. With the rising number of international families, now estimated at 16 million, cross-border disputes on family matters have increased in the EU. Within the EU there are about 140,000 international divorces and around 1,800 parental child abduction cases every year.


You can see us regularly on the screens of the Czech Television TV channel which broadcasts a popular TV programme called The Black Sheep. We advise the viewers on solving everyday legal issues that anyone could be faced with every now and then in life. Lately in the show which aired on 29 October 2019 we discussed potential issues which may arise when you engage a company to build you a house and your contract does not protect you sufficiently.

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